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How are your best friends?

Once upon a time there were 2 girls that loved to read. The girls names were Casey and Madison. Casey and Madison read Flat Stanley Books.

” I love to read!,” said Casey!

“Casey why do you love to read? said Madison.

“I like to read because it is fun,” said Casey.

”Ok,I get it! You like reading because it is fun for you,” said Madison.

”Yeh, sure,” said CASEY!





                                                                                                  THE END!

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Miss Dunsiger’s Class

For shared reading this week, my students read the play, Did He Fall Or Was He Pushed? The True Story of Humpty Dumpty. We recorded our reading using the Livescribe Pen. Since, as a school, we continue to focus on descriptive feedback, students offered feedback after reading, and then reflected on the suggestions during the second recording.

To help with performing the play at home, the students created their own puppets for the parts that they played. After our art activity last week inspired by Aaron Puley (@bloggucation), I again pulled up the curriculum document, and we looked at the elements of design. Students were challenged to use at least three elements of design in their puppets. Look at what they created and see how they did!

What feedback would you offer to the students on their puppets and/or their performance? Thanks for your help with this!


What other rhymes would you add here? How would you reply to some of these rhymes? Please leave us a comment and let us know. Thanks for your help with this!

Miss Dunsiger’s Class

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Miss Dunsiger

Today, my Grade 2 students made their own cars, as part of our science unit on “simple machines.” Here’s a video of the students reflecting on their cars.

You can see the individual car experiment videos on each of the Grade 2 students’ individual blogs. What changes would you suggest that the students make to their cars? Why would you suggest these changes? Thanks for your help with this!


This activity was inspired by George Couros, a principal from Alberta. You can read all about it under Show and Tell Information in my June Newsletter.

Please feel free to add to the #classshoot2012 hashtag with your own “daily shoot” examples. Next week, the topic will be, something that makes me happy. What makes you happy?


What would you use to make a document camera? Why do you think it would work? Thanks for your help with this!