Thursday, April 19, 2012

The students in my class have been learning about butterflies as they help prepare for the butterfly garden that we’re involved in planting at our school. On Tuesday, the students researched butterflies and even participated in a Twitter Chat about butterflies as well. Then on Wednesday, they worked with their reading buddies to help get the garden ready. They also worked this week at building models of benches for butterflies. They had to work together, problem solve, and explain their thinking throughout the process. Photographs of the experience are here, and a couple of videos can be found here and here.

What do you know about butterflies and butterfly gardens? What advice can you give us as we try to plant our butterfly garden?


  1. Mrs.Reed says:

    I am so proud of all the grade 1/2 and grade 8 students for taking leadership with our new butterfly garden. This garden will be enjoyed by all of us for years to come. Happy planting and raising of our beautiful butterflies!

    Mrs. Reed

    1. adunsige says:

      Thanks Mrs. Reed for helping to coordinate this HUGE project! It has been a great learning opportunity for all of the students.


  2. LearningHood says:

    Hi All,
    I couldn’t help but get interested in your search for answers on your butterfly questions… I have done a bit of research for you (I wanted to know the answers to your great questions too!). Go to my site and have a look….


    Have a great weekend!! Let me know when your garden is in bloom and I will come by and see it – butterflies and all!


  3. yimran0639 says:

    Great Effort! Will these butterflies expirement take place?

  4. Darcie says:

    Your students are doing such wonderful work with the butterfly project. It’s exciting to see all their work and information they are gaining from such an experience.
    Darcie – Waterbury, CT

    1. adunsige says:

      Thanks Darcie! I’m so impressed with what the students are doing and learning as well.


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