Did He Fall Or Was He Pushed? The True Story Of Humpty Dumpty!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

For shared reading this week, my students read the play, Did He Fall Or Was He Pushed? The True Story of Humpty Dumpty. We recorded our reading using the Livescribe Pen. Since, as a school, we continue to focus on descriptive feedback, students offered feedback after reading, and then reflected on the suggestions during the second recording.

To help with performing the play at home, the students created their own puppets for the parts that they played. After our art activity last week inspired by Aaron Puley (@bloggucation), I again pulled up the curriculum document, and we looked at the elements of design. Students were challenged to use at least three elements of design in their puppets. Look at what they created and see how they did!

What feedback would you offer to the students on their puppets and/or their performance? Thanks for your help with this!


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  1. yimran0639 says:

    The puppets are sooo creative their performance was very detailed. You should be proud @adunsiger

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