A Story about literacy centres

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Once upon a time there were 2 girls that loved to read. The girls names were Casey and Madison. Casey and Madison read Flat Stanley Books.

” I love to read!,” said Casey!

“Casey why do you love to read? said Madison.

“I like to read because it is fun,” said Casey.

”Ok,I get it! You like reading because it is fun for you,” said Madison.

”Yeh, sure,” said CASEY!





                                                                                                  THE END!


  1. mseo9448 says:

    Casey I love your story. Maybe you add what the tittle was,and what is was about.


  2. emcclemo8691 says:

    Casey I agree with mseo9448 I love your story but add a tittle as of what maseo9448.

    emcclemo8691, Lizzie

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