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Hi my name is Alexander and my name is Parker. We recently read Alligator Baby. The second last page shows 3 different animals breaking through the door.The animal children look very happy to see their parents.The family’s cat is scared and runs away.Kristen looks as if she is puzzled how the animals got out of their cages. Her parents look very shocked and the new baby looks very amused.

The fish are looking like there think what is that? There look like angery robots!




by:Alexander, Parker, Manvir and Wister

                                                                                                                           Mon,May 7 2012

Dear the three billy goats gruff

I really wanted to eat you three billy goats because I was so hungry you three goats.

You nasty white brown strong goats I was looking for word to eating you.

 I’m going to come back to eat you three gruff and gruff and gruff grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Well I’ll just tell you how tasty I thought you were you no good brown white strong filthy goats!!!!!!!!!! rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

You looked so tasty and I will tell you how tasty you looked you looked like 10000

tasty pigs!

How tasty do you think they looked you no good people?

Anyway where do you live you goats?

From the mean and bad troll!!!!!!!!!!!

One day in the tropical islands there was a lot of  dinosaurs!!!!!!!


And we are going to tell you some of there names: Tyrannosaurs and Ankylosaururs.

The story is about the Ankylosaurus. His name was Tank. He was very nice but din0saurs thought he was scary and mean but he wasn’t. So he had to move. He went to the mountains of the dinosaurs. He learned how to be a worrior for the good!

The End!!!

One day In Easter island there was a little bunny his name was  Alex Junior. He loved to play the piano.

One day his dad died so he became the Easter bunny!

But his brother wanted to be the Easter bunny. So he went to kill him!

Dun dun dun! Alex junior was picking apples. Then his brother came out of no where and he got his sword and and he dodges it! Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!

Alex junior got  his sword and they battle. Ting ting ting went the sword.

Then Alex  junior defeated him.

Then Alex junior wife’s name was  Jack Alena !!!

Their baby’s name was Parker junior. They lived happily ever after.


                                                       The End!!!!!



I learned that some birds protect butterflies.

Me, Parker and Nathan built a butterfly bench.

Different butterflies like different plants.

What do you know more abut butterflies?





If I had 9 pencils and I got 1 more I would have 10 of them.


I have 11 dinosaurs and I put away 1,I would play with 10.




I am soooooooo sad because you broke my chair and I am so hungry!



Baby bear

I like school!

I go to school every day.

I play with my ferns.

I do art!

I go at gym!

I go on the computers!

I go to the library.

Do you go to school?



My pet is a bird.

He like his brother.

His name is Tweety bird.

He like his toys!

He like his food!!!

He likes outside!

Do you have a pet?