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Today our whole class did Claymation. We already did Claymation but we just had to do something that we could do better at.  Today our hole class had to decided one of are back ground and our group decided  that we where going to make one where the Caterpillar  coming out of eggs but we figred it out together and that is what we did. I made the Caterpillar but the Caterpillar had to be small enuff to fit into the egg. We wrapped the Caterpillar in the egg before we took the pictures. We decided  that I would take the first 4 pictures and then my partner tack the next 4 pictures and my last partner tuck 2 pictures.  This helped people understand what the Caterpillar is doing because they were coming out of eggs.




How many kinds of butterflies is there in the world?

Are some butterflies camoflauge ?

What is your favorite butterflies or bug?

Can you tell if the Butterfly is a boy or girl?

Where do Butterflies come from?

What do Butterflies eat?

What do Butterflies do?

How do Butterflies fly?

When the Butterfly is caterpiller how docs it rap it self in to a crisalis?

Do Butterflies like to play with bugs or Butterflies?

Do you look on google to get a lot of infrmation of the Butterfly and the bugs?

Do Butterflies like to play with friends?

Do Butterflies like the hot air or the cold air?

What flower do butterflies like?

Witch trees to Butterflies come from?

Do Butterflies like to play with people?

Do some butterflies live in the meadow?

Do Butterflies like to where clothes like people?

Can Butterflies lift things?



Thank you for ancering are Questions




His Gram-pa gave him a book for How to get to the moon.He read the book and said to his parents can I go to the moon with dad. Ahh sure so they went to the store and bot astronot sowts.So they set off to build a rocket ship.Buy 8 weeks they finishd the rocket ship and got a gps to guide them to the moon.So they said 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 blast off and they took off.It took 3 days to get to the moon.They saw a black hole in space it was scary.They amost got cote in it. They saw a hole in the moon.There was an alien in the hole the alien was a mean alien and he was scary. The Alien wanted a ship.So the dad and the kid builded a new ship for them and the alien took there ship.


The end

One, day there was a boy that was 24 and his Gram-pa was on a island in the middle of the ocean ware the water tornado, was but the next day on the news he had swim to a island with bees the size of people. Then he saw a volcano in the middle of the island,there was bird the size of a door. Then his I boy found a book in the middle of the forest. Then he found the way to the Mysterious island. He followed the arrows but he got to an ocean he asked the air plain to take him there for 100 dollars he said OK then he saw the water tornado  he had to go throe it the map said and then he got to the Mysterious island.At first there was a beach then he found a cave and followed it and then there was nice flowers and nice butterflies.


Next there was big eggs and they looked like are eggs but the size of monsters,then they saw a lizeerld the size of elaphents it chased them in a dark forest ware he found his Gram-pa he was happy. Then he brang them to his hideout and he cooked them dinner and they went to sleep.Then they woke up and the valcano eropted and they bulided a ship and got off the island.

The end

I think that Franklin is brave because he used his dad’s blanket and Beaver’s bear. This helped him to fall to sleep.

Questions and Connections

My connection is that once I  lost my  blanket and after  a year we found it and then we gave it to my sister and my brother gave me his  spider man blanket and he got a super man blanket.Just like Franklin I got use to it.



Tell me when you where brave.

First, what happened is she tells her whole family, ” I want, A RINK! A RINK! a rink. ”  then she went to the river and took with her a spoon and a cup with boiling water and she started making the river an ice rink it was just good enough for her dog. Then Ciara’s dad rented a bulldozer and he started making the ice rink with no ice pieces. By the time it was dark they could already play hockey because the rink was beautiful. The next day Ciara and her team faced some other team and lost so they noticed it does not mater about the rink it matters about the team and how they play. Ciara’s final game they are going to win the ice started to crack so Ciara’s mom started shouting, ” the ice is cracking ! ” and so then all the moms and dads got in there car and drove away to the bridge to get there son or daughter, but Ciara would just not get off the field untill she scored and her dad got the fishing rod, and got her right on her jersey, but by the time he wanted to lift her she took a shot and got a goal !    

Do you guys want to learn  how to play Gamestar  mechanic? It is fun!


1) First, you make your own user name up.

2) Then, you press the start on your right and then it takes you to a page that says Guest. You click on it.


3) It takes you to a game and you the arrows to move away the bad guys try to get all the coins before the time runs out and make sure you don’t get touched by the bad guys 3 times.


4) Then, if you win every one on that level you go to level 2.

5) After that   you win the hole game you get a chance to make your own game.


Have fun playing gamestar mechanic. See you later!!!


On the March Break I went to the falls and went on top of the casino to the water park. Then I went to the water park and when I got there I went on the water jungle jam and there was more!!!


Then I went to the bull slide and after 2 hours I saw my friend Rese. Then me and my friend went body sliding.





On the march break my family is going to a restaurant.The restaurants name is Kelsey’s.I am going to jungle jam with flat stanley.I am going to go to go to cineplex to see ghost rider.On the march break I am going to see the movie the lorax.


I am going to my friends house.I am going to my uncles house.



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