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Wordle: UntitledThis is my wordle it ses asome sings.




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What is your favorite butterfly?

What are butterflies favorite nectar?

What kind of butterflies are threre?

Where do butterflys come from?

How do butterfly’s learn to fly?

Where do butterfly’s like?

What do butterflys like?

How to butterfly live?

How do butterfly’s eat?

How do butterflys get a cresalest?

How do butterflys grow?

How do butterflys get in love?

Do butterfly’s like bugs?

What do kind of nectar to they like?

How menny kind of butterfly’s are  there?

Where do butterflys go in the winter?

What flawers do they like?

Do buterflys have brans?

What are the butterfly’s names?

How do butterflys like flawers?

Are butterflys strong?

Do they have feelings?

Are some butterfly’s evil?



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A boy went to school and Forgot his football so he called his dad to get his football.And he did. He loved to play football.

One morning Aiden woke up and “said I better herry and get to school”, He got to school . But wen he got to scool he forgot his football.He said what soud we do?

What will hapin next?



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Wordle: Untitled

A  square has 4coners it can be cald vertices.

A circle has no coners or vertices.

A triangle has 3 vertices or coners.

A diamond has 4 vertices if you put the diamond a little bit raght or left it will look like a square.

A rectagle is just like a square but longer.



What do you know about shapes?

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How would you solve this problem?

Wordle: Untitled

I  like  Christmas because it is cold and santa comes. My birthday is in cold weather.You can make a snowman and go sledding. Ones my sister got stuck in the snow and my mom halpt Mariah get out of the snow.