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-How do you know the butterflies are a boy girl?

-How do butterflies eat?

– How many types of butterflies are there?

– How many butterflies are left in the world?

-Do butterflies eat birds?

-Which butterflies fly the slowest?


With Flat Stanley I went to Niagara Falls I had lots of fun over there.

The next day we went to downtown.There were so many people.

I took so many pictures with Flat Stanley. We were so hungry then we went to eat some pizza with Flat 

Stanley. With Flat Stanley we went to the pet store and Flat Stanley and us saw the animals.

Once there was a little boy who loved his family but one day he got married.He told his mom and dad that he didn’t  want to get married but his mom and dad told him that he was 50 years old. The boy said, “that’s true.” Then his mom and dad told him all about getting married and then he said,”okay.”

One day he got in to a fight. His wife was mad at her husband. After a week he was going to say sorry to his wife but his wife was marrying another man instead of him. He was so mad at his wife because his wife married another man.So he went to marry another girl.

After a very long time the boy and his wife met. “Stop,” said his wife. “I came to say sorry,” said his wife.Then the old husband said to the new husband, “hey you back away from my wife!” The new husband tried to protect the wife. It didn’t work.The old husband says to his wife, “go in the car and I will fight this husband.”The old wife thinks why can’t the new husband just get a new wife.

After a week the new husband got a new wife and the old wife and old husband lived happily ever after. The new wife and the new husband lived happily ever after too.

The end


A pig is pink.A pig  lies downs in the mud.A tiger has sharp teeth.A tiger is dgris.What do you know about animals?

Wordle: My wordle


Dear world,


My family from uses the woshing mashean.

It uses lots of wotr .

Dear world


In fall the leves falls.


In winter snow falls.


In spring all the animals come  out.

In summer it is very hot.

What is your favorite seasonos?