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Dear World ,

 Cube                                                                Any day, 2012

I know a lot about 3-D solids!  A cube is like a square but it pops out. A cube is the same shape as a sugar cube. Cube is even in the name of a sugar cube! 🙂 A cube has eight vertices. It also has twelve sides. A cube also has six faces.


(If you hold the point of the cone it looks like an ice cream cone.Also if you grab a sphere and put it on top it is like a real ice cream cone! 🙂 )  A cone has two faces. One is on the bottom and one is curved all the way around. There is one vertex on the cone. It is the point at the top. The cone has one side it is around the circle  the one out side of the circle at the bottom.

Rectangular prism

A rectangular prism is like a cube but it is longer and if you turn it the other way it is taller. If you turn it the tall way it could be the same 3-D solid as a lamp. A rectangular prism has eight vertices. It also has has twelve sides. It also has six faces. (If you look around you can find them every ware!)  3-D solids are really fun! You can find 3-D solids everywhere!!


A sphere is like a ball. It can roll. It has one face. The face is all around. It has no vertices. Does a sphere have a side? If a sphere has a side where is it? Is it all the way around? Some ideas a sphere can be any kind of ball or round things, Some heads,some basket balls,base balls, and more. Spheres are everywhere!!!


A cylinder has three faces,one on the top  one on the bottom and the last one is the one all the way around. The cylinder has two sides one on the top around the circle and one around the circle on the bottom. If you turn the cylinder to the roll part is can also roll but it is not like a sphere. What is your favorite 3-D solid?


A pyramid has eight sides. It also has five faces. The pyramid has five faces. If you go to a desert place you might find a real pyramid! Sometimes you go to a desert place for vacation.Do you know what the Egyptians used an inclined plane to build a pyramid? They used a inclined plane because if they lifted the blocks they would get aches and cramps.


A hemisphere is like a sphere but half. It can also be half of a ball and half of a head. Even if it looks like a sphere (half of a sphere) it can not roll as long as a sphere can. Did you know that any way you turn the hemisphere the curved part will always be across from the flat part? The hemisphere has one side the side is the one around the circle on the bottom. A hemisphere has two sides the one circle on the bottom and the one on top all curved around.

Pentagonal pyramid

A pentagonal pyramid has six vertices. It also has ten sides. How many faces does it have? Well lets figure it out. It has seven faces. It’s like a cone but this time it is more like a pyramid and it is pointed. Be carful with the pointy side, don’t hit your eye with the point at the top. That is why you need to be careful. If you turn the pentagonal pyramid to the bottom the right way it looks like a hexagon. I know it looks like a hexagon because it has five vertices on the bottom with the hexagon.

Pentagonal prism

A pentagonal  prism has ten vertices. You don’t have to count that much because on each side it has five and as you know 5+5=10. A pentagonal prism has 15 sides. Did you know that pentagonal prisms are seen in a lot of places. Did you know that if you get a pencil that is not sharpened and does not have the piece that makes the eraser and the pencil go together and without the eraser it is a pentagonal prism. That is why you see pentagonal prisms in a lot of places.


See I told you I knew a lot about 3-D solids!!!!!!                           Do you know as much about 3-D solids as I know??



Do you know about 3-D solids???





At 6:30 I wake up.

At  6:45 I get dressed.

At 7:00 I eat breakfast.

At 7:15 I let my Mom do my hair.

At  7:30 I go to before school.

At 9:00 school starts.

At 9:05 we write any thing we want.

At  9:10 we sing O Canada.

At 9:15 we write some more.

At 9:30 sometimes we are  doing shared reading or at gym and also word work.


On my weekend I watched 4 movies. For one movie I went to the theater and watched the three Stogids. It was really funny. But we were a little late.

On my weekend me my sister and my Dad sold our yellow mustage.  My dad’s name is Brent and we sold the car to a man named Brent to! Brent wanted the Mustage to give to his wife on Mother’s day.

On the weekend I watched Tangled, Dipicle me and Mishion Impossible. On Saturday I went to bed at 10:30!!

On the weekend my mom went to her friends house and had fun. She said that they stayed up till midnight! When she got back from her weekend she bot me candy!  It was really yummy!!  🙂

After we went to the Theater we went out to get ice cream! It was really yummy!


I had a lot of fun on my weekend!!

Did you have a great weekend????????????

I know a lot of ways to save energy.  When your not using the lights you can turn them off.  When your not watching TV you can turn it .       Instead of watching TV you can read books.   Instead of using the lights you can use a flash light.  We like  to save energy!


The Energy story

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a two girls one was named Avery and the other one was named Katelyn.  Avery liked to use energy. Katelyn did not. So Katelyn tot Avery a game to trick her in to use energy no more.  They played the game for half an hour.  But by the time the game finished Avery only did not want to use no energy that much. So when Avery went home she turned on the lights and turned on the TV. But when it was her dinner time she did not turn off the TV and she did not turn off the lights.


Chapter 2

So the next day when Katelyn came to play she saw that Avery was using a lot of energy because all of the lights were on so was the TV, she was also using the iPad.  Katelyn was sad that her friend was using energy. So at that time it was 10:00. So she took her friend outside and played the game all day. They stopped at 5:00 because they had to have dinner. But at the end of the day Avery was convinced to use energy no more!


Chapter 3

When Katelyn found out that Avery was using energy no more she was so happy!!  So instead of  watching TV they were reading books the hole time!  For the rest of the  time they never used energy anymore !!  (From now on they only used energy for emergencies.)


                                             THE END



Dear Miss Dunsiger,

I had the best weekend ever!!!!!!!!!!        🙂

I played a hockey game our parents VS the kids.  It was the funnest hockey game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!         After the hockey game we got our trofys !!!!!!!!!  🙂 The next day we played the Champenship game the big trofy was silver we got to take a pitchre with it. 🙂  But we lost. A few hours after the game we had an party because we were done hockey.  At the party we had so much fun!!!!!!!!          Hanah was the one that had the party at her house.  Her Dad is a docter so she has a big house.  In her house she has a theator room. It has a tall couch, lots of chairs and some big beam bags. In the theartor room there is a really big flat screen and all the people on my hockey team watched Tooth fairy one and two. There were lots of cupcakes and brownies at the party.      It was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!            🙂


Also on my weekend I went to my grandparents house and my cusoins were there.     It was my cusoin”s birthday. so we brot prestents for him. He was turning two.


Did you have a good weekend?




The King was brave when he went on a far away adventure.

I think the king is brave to go on the adventure because you could die or get lost and never return home and the King took that risk so that is why I think the King is brave.

The princess was brave to stay with really mean people.

I think she was brave staying with mean people because they could take her and when the King came back she could be missing. Also the King could get upset and very worried.

She was not scared to go to the Wizard’s chamber.

I think that the princess was brave because some people could all ready be down there and someone could take her or could kill her. Also the Wizard could be a bad guy and harm the little Princess.

She was brave to go searching  all over the town and go in to a lot of stores.

I think she was brave to go around the hole city because the people could stell her and hurt her and harm her and take her so when the King came back he would be vary worried.

The boy was brave to give the princess his last balloon.

I think that the boy was brave giving her his last balloon because he could really like his last balloon so it was also very nice to give her his last balloon.

The bad guy was brave to pop all the balloons and make the King and the princess angry and sad.

I think that the bad guys were brave to pop all the balloons because when the King came home the Princess could of told on them and they could go in the dungeon.


Who do you think was brave in this story?

Amber and Avery

I know a lot about 3D solids.   A Cube has 6 faces. A Cube is like a square but a Cube pops out and has more faces.  Also a cube has eight vertices another word for vertices is corners.

A sphere has one face.  It is all the way around. An sphere is like a ball because it can roll. It is also like a circle  but the sphere is not flat.

A cylinder has two circles on the bottom and it is curved all the way around.  If you turn it to its curved side it can roll like a sphere.


What do you like? What don’t you like? Please leave me a comment and let me know.