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First we made our backgrounds. Me and Evan will tell you what we did different. We added the caterpillar growing. We added the leaves falling. It was super fun and me and Evan hope you can do it to. Our other partner Juliya but she is on a different tool. We will tell you why we made the changes. We did the changes so that it looks cooler and that the people that are waching the video will understand it.

This blogpost was made by Caelan and Evan

But wait me and Evan will tell you how to do claymation.

First we made the backround.

Then we made the characters with playdough.

Next we made the caterpillar move around the background.

That’s how you do claymation.

You can also get the Stop Motion app on the IPad. It is very cool. We learned how to do claymation with a nice guy named Mr Bennett. He is so cool and funny. WE LOVE CLAYMATION!!!!!

Our teacher Miss D let’s us do claymation a lot.

Butterflies can eat.
Caterpillars and butterflies have different jaws.
There’s a butterfly that’s called the halloween butterfly.
A caterpillar can be green and furry.
There are lots of types of Butterflies.
Most bugs can fly.
Butterflies have enteniys.
There are million of butterflies.

Butterfly Expert

6 legs are insects.

Black and red bugs are halloween bugs.

Eggs are goowe.

Caterpillars are green and furry.

Crysalises are goowe.

Butterflies can be cold.

Adult Butterflies go to the hot spots.

Monarchs stay in the sky and if there wings get touched they can’t fly.

Caterpillars have 6 legs.

Butterflies can eat.

To Miss Dunsiger, 

Coococlock  (pulley)

Grandfather clock       (all)

Icecone macker            (lever)

Gymset          (pulley and lever)

Hose weel (lever)

Catapult and trebuchet  (all)

– How many eggs can a butterfly lay in a day?

– How do butterflies get colour?

– How do butterflies eat?

– Do butterflies fly back words?

– Do butterflies fly right after they come out of there cocoon?

– How many types of butterflies are there?

– Where in fields do butterflies live?

– What are some butterflies names?

– What is the smallest butterfly?

– What is the biggest butterfly?

– What flowers do butterflies like the most?

What is your favorite butterfly?

-What plants do butters like the best?

– What is the slowest butterfly?

Thank you!!!

She pushed lots of buttons. Then She saw a lot of small buildings. Then she turned the plane and crashed. The plane was in very small pieces and Angelas father said “Do you promise not to fly any more airplanes”

“I promise”, said Angela

But later in her life Angela became an airplane pilot!


By: Caelan & Robert

How to make a simple house in Minecraft

I will tell you how to make a small simple house in Minecraft that you will love. Minecraft is a video game.

  1. Start Minecraft and enter your Minecraft username and password.
  2. Click on singleplayer not multiplayer.
  3. Name the world you are going to play on and then click on create new world.
  4. Find flat ground or make flat ground if you know how to.
  5. Get some wood and turn them into wooden planks by pressing E and putting them in the box that has the 4 little boxes.
  6. Dig a hole and fill it in with the wooden planks for the floor.
  7. Then make the walls but leave two blocks on top of each other not filled in for a door.
  8. Then press E and put the wooden planks everywhere and grab the table you made.
  9. Then put the table down and click the table put your wooden planks in 2 columns. Then you have made a door for your house.
  10. Right click to place your door in the hole you made.
  11. Then make the roof out of wooden planks.
  12. Then you can add all the details that you want like windows and items inside like light, chairs and a bed.

And that is how you make a loving house in Minecraft. Then you can make more houses and make a city!!!



I will tell you the steps to make a snowman

1) First you get a bunchof snow.

2) Then you make three difrint-sizd balls out of the snow. Medium Small and big.

3) Next you put the medium-sizd ball on the big ball.

4) Then you put the small-sizd ball on the medium-sizd ball.

5) Next you can add all the detales that you wont.

That is how you make a snowman!!!

By Caelan

Lacey opened all of her drawers in her dresser and she had no clean clothes. So she put on her strange Grammy shirt. And she got kissed by lots of animal and one boy. but when she went out for recess and she got a bear kiss. Then she got a everyone in her school a strange Grammy shirt.



Lacey steals all the strange Grammy shirt so she gets all the kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!