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One day 7 monsters came to a house.There was a small family named the Angry birds.There was a dad mom and a little kid.Then the 7 monsters sneked into the house and scared the boy.He ran so fast across town. The town was on fire. Every fire truck came and put out the fire.


The end


By:Nathan and Evan

First, Isaac and Elena woke up in the morning and roared at their mom becuase they thought they were lions.Then, their mom fed them bones becuase they were lions and thats what lions eat. Isaac and Elena go to school and their teacher takes them outside to find animals. Then whenever they found an animal Isaac and Elena would yell “ROAR!!!” and scare the animal away.After that they saw a mouse and Isaac said “ROAR!” but the mouse said “ROAR!” back. Then, Isaac counted to three and told everyone to yell “ROAR!!!!!!” so they yelled and he got scared and ran away. Also the teacher got scared and ran away and never came back.  The end

One day a boy came again only 1 time now he wanted to live at the scary house. And he did live at the scary house.The next day he came to get a car it was 100,00000$ so he got the car.The next day all of his things wear gone. He is moving out. He moved very fast. He moved back to his old house. He had nightmars at night.Then he never came back ever ever agian.


 What will happen next?


                          THE END

One day a boy was walking in a house a scary house he was scared.The next day he did not go in the scary house.The next day he went in the scary house he was not that scared as last time so he walk in the scary house and walked and walked. He saw something so scary he ran out of the scary house.The next day he ran in the scary house toke the scary thing and ran out of the scary house and thord out the thing. The next day he did not go to the scary house. The house was haunted he never came back.

What will happen next?


There are 3 butterfly’s in my picture.

There is a walking path in my picture.

There are some rocks in my picture.

I have 2 ponds in my picture.

Ducky momo went on rides in Disney.He like all the rides. It was a so fun.

What will happen next?

One time I was watching a movie called Mouse on a Motorcycle.The mouses name is Ralf and a boy gave him a motorcycle so he ride around the hotel.Ralf was brave by riding around the dog in the hotel,he did this because hes not scared  of the dog.Also he rides around the hotel looking for cheese to eat.This relates to bravery because he would leave his safe home and risk his life rounding around the hotel on his motorcycle looking for food.


I want to teach you how to use an iPad.

The steps are here.

1.First you buy an iPad.


2.Then go to the app store then get a app like tapped out the Simpsons. You make the Simpsons family do stuff.


3.Wait until the apps are finish loading.

4.After that click on the app.


5.Finally do what you are supposed to do.


Yeah you did it! You learned how to work the iPad.