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On my weekend I went to a party and I played a lot of games.  I think that my friend is sad because she is frowning. No I am not sad I am tired. But do you want to play any games with me? OK! So what do you want to play? How about tag? Ok and after we play tag we can play hide and go seek. OK! So who wants to be it first? Me! I am so happy because I am with my friend! I am happy too!


By Lizzie and Saanvi



We are reading Grimms fairy tales and the story is called King Grisly Beard. There were a lot of boys that wanted to marry the princess in front of her house. I think I know what the princess was thinking.

   I think her point of view is that she did not want them to be there and she thinks that she is better than all of them.

 King Grisly Beard was magic. He turned himself into a different guy so he could take the princess into the woods. His point of view was that he wanted to make the princess a nicer person.

And after all that work they got married. And the princess became a nicer person.

The princess never teased any one again.


They lived happily ever after.






What kind of nekter do butterflys drink?

How many colours are on a butterfly?

Do butterflies have necks?

How big is the smallest butterfly?

How big of eye do butterflies have?

Do butterflys have tounges?

What flower souled we put in are butterfly garden.

How big is a butterflies body?

Do butterflies have any patterns on it?

Do butterflies see in colour?

Can butterflies fly all arowd the world?

”I am going over to my Grandmas and Grandpas House for Easter. And we are going to dye Easter eggs and I  am going to do a lot of pock a dots. And I am going over to my cousins for a sleep over. And we are going to the park,” said Lizzie. I am going to have a lot of fun on Easter.


”Hey Parker what are you going to do on your Easter weekend? said Lizzie.

“I’m going to have my cousins come over and have an Easter hunt with them,” But I am going to hide them. They are going to find the Easter eggs that I hid.

It will be a lot of fun”.



On Monday nights I always go to Brownies and tonight we are going to a nursing home to dye eggs.  And we also sell cookies. The cookies are delicious. I really  love the cookies.

On Tuesday I go to dance and I do tap and jazz. When I go to the jazz class we put on hip hop music. And when I go to the tap class we put on a pretty good beat so we can tap to it.  

On Wednesday I go to swimming and competitive dance. I am in level 6 for swimming. And in swimming lessons we do somersaults under the water.And for competitive dance it is a mixture of jazz and hip hop we do a dance to Selena Gomeas and the song is called shake it up.

On Thursday I do not have anything going on it is just a relaxing night. We play Monopoly and we play Wii. And after that I brush my teeth and then I go to bed.

On Friday it is the same thing that I do on Thursday. So then I get two lazy nights.








































































All the animals where brave because they let the dentist to pull out some of their teeth.

A big fox came with a big bandage on his jaw.  I also know that the dentist was not afraed of the fox. So the fox got gas up his nose and the dentist put a pole in fox’s mouth and the fox got his tooth pulled out. And there was a lot and a lot and a lot of blood but he was glad that he got his tooth pull out. His mouth was really sore.

The dentist was brave when he stood in the fox’s mouth and fixed the fox’s tooth. Do you think that Doctor De Soto was brave? Why?


”We are going to tell you how to use a  Livescribe pen.” We hope you  have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) First you should find a new page.

2) Then you will turn on the pen.

3) Next wait in till you see the time.

4) After that you draw a dot.

5) Next you talk and it will pick up your voice and you can write too.

6) Finally you can hear your voice by clicking on the writing with the livescribe pen.


You can use a livescribe pen. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys you might remember me from a fairytale you have read. Here we go. You might remember me when I start talking??

Dear Dwarfs,

Thank you for letting me stay at your nice big colourful house. It was really nice.  I was wondering if you guys would want to live with me.

You have been so nice. We can have tea in my castle.


Love S.W.

One day Lizzie and Juliya went out side and built a snowman and here is what they did!

1. take a lot of snow and roll it into a big snowball.

2. take some more snow and roll it into a medium snowball put the medium snowball and put it on top of the big ball.

3. take  a little more snow and roll it into a ball put the ball on top of the medium.

4.You put on the head and eyes and a nose and a muth.

5. After you can put on arms.


That is how you make a snowman have fun!!!!!!