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Once upon a time there were  fairies.The fairies names were Nicole Avery Madison and Kate.On Friday we go to nana’s house.Some fairies tidy up their toys and some do not tidy their toys.Let’s go to nana’s house.The fairies sleep.On Saturday we buy an Ariel ballerina doll.The fairies sleep.On Sunday we go back to mommy’s house.

This is called (Worms).


Once upon a time there’s some worms.There are kinds of worms.The birds eat worms in the nest.

the end


The worms cycle. 1st there are eggs born.2nd the worm is born.The worm pushed the egg.3rd the worm grows.The worm is 2 years old.


Once upon a time there was katelyn and the dolls.They walk to school with dana lizzie and shifa.After school I take the dolls to IBI. Yes mommy let’s go.They go to IBI with kianna and makayla.After IBI nana picks us up at 4:00.Nana reads katelyn’s special story. Nana’s reading.Now nana picks up katelyn and the dolls to go to the bathtub.Nana picks up katelyn and the dolls to go to bed at 9:00 or 9:30.Now it’s kayla’s turn to have a bath.Nana picks up kayla to go to bed at 9:00.This is the story of me.

The end

4:00 in the moring. You wake up wipe you nose and eyes then get out the bed.Today is Friday.

4:45 in the moring.I eat breakfast.

8:00 in the afternoon.You go to school.

2:00 in the school.Playtime.

4:00 in the school ends.You go home after school.

5:00 in the afternoon.Going to the park.

6:00 in the eving.Dinnertime.

7:00 in the eving.Bathtime.

8:00 in the eving or night.Brush your teeth.In

9:00 in the night.Movie.

9:27 in the night.Movie for one min.

9:30 in the night.Bedtime

I like your new shoes i like it i did it we all the shoes.

It’s a big red triangle.The big red triangle has 3 sides and corners.

Next up it’s a big purple rectangle.The big purple rectangle has 4 sides and corners.

Then now is a big green long oval.The green oval has no corners and sides.

Now is a yellow triangle with 3 sides like a cheese.



What is your favourite toy?

My favourite toy is barbie doll for katelyn’s birthday.

Kayla your favourite toy is doll for kayla’s birthday.

Jazzy your favourite toy is big doll for  jazzy’s birthday.

Maggie baby jayson katelyn kayla and jazzy your favourite toy is babysitting mama wii for the wii shop.

Jordan your favorite toy is alantis for cristmas 2011.

Which the things that i love?

I love school.

I love nana.

I love my 3 sisters name is kayla jazzy and maggie.

I love my 1 brother name is jayson.

Simic boyblue i love nana.
Simic girlpink i love mom.
Simic boyblue i love dad.
Simic girlpink i love papa.
I love it love katelyn