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6 legs are insects. Hallowen bugs are black and orange and they come out in Hallowen. Some Butterflies stay in there christyis when it is winter.


Monarch Butterflies go to Mexaca in fall. When Butterflies fly hiy they go to hot air to hot air so they wont need food for their energy.


If you flip a Butterfly over they have 6 legs in the same spot. Butterflies month is called mrobothic and that is a fancy word for straw.


Monarch Butterflies have orange and black on there wings.Insect blood is cinda Black. Big bugs on the side there is dots.


All Butterflies can canaflach in diffrent ways. Butterflies like to fly in the day and a month flys in the night.


There are Millons and Millons of Butterflies. Milkweed is the posinis plant.


Monarch butterflies are posinis and Birds can not eat them. Millons of Butterflies are left in the world.


Butterflies can hear with biberashion.


Thank you for anarings our qeastions.


Can we sykpe with you again?


You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By Madison and Miss.Dunsiger’s class.




Dear Miss.Dunsiger,


I had a great weekend. On my weekend I had lots of fun. On Saturday I was busy. In the morning my mom said that we need to go shopping because me and my brother were eating a lot a food.


Before lunch we went to Fortino’s. We bot lots of stuff. We bot bread,Fruit,ham and yogurt.


On Sunday I went to ABC Magic Basketball. My brother went first. Then it was my turn. First in Basketball the coach maked sure that everyone one was there. But everyone one was not there.


Then we got to pick our shuts. There were 2 green. There was purple and there was pink. First we did a race with the Basketball.


Well since there was two green the purple team joined us. Then we played bonce past and chest pass.


Then we played the Basketball game. The purple team was on our team but there was one green and that was me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The score was 0 0. So it was a tie.


What did you do on your weekend?


By Madison


My hamster is cinda yellow. It is cinda light. It likes to play.


Can you gess it?


A Butterfly starts as a egg and then it hatches into a caterpillar. Then it eats lots of leaves. Then it turns into a chrysalis. Then for a few weeks a butterfly comes out.


What animal life   cycle do you know?


By Madison,Saanvi,and Ameera

I think Franklin was brave because he was facing his fears because he did not like water. As soon as that was done Franklin faced his fears again, because there was lightning.

“I remembered of when I was a baby I went of a plane to Disney Land and I was scared so I closed my eyes and I pretended that I was home and I felt that I was home.”


“I remember of when I was on the mountain ride at Disney Land and it had a 200 m drop, and thought I was at home.”


“I remember when I had a birthday party at Zoom’s Zoom’s I was scared to go down the purple slide so I went with a friend and I didn’t feel scared.”


“I remember of when I was at Jungle Jam and I was afraid to go on the monkey bars.”


“I remember when I when to Disney when I was 6 year old. I was scared to drive a car so I tried and I wasn’t scared because my dad was with me.”


“When I was a baby When I got my first house I was scared because I did not no anything. So my mom and dad carried me so I would not be scared.” I was brave because when when my mom and dad carried me upstaris to may bed room and I was scared so I just comed downand I chered on the l


“When I moved in to my second house I was scared because I did not no where my room was. So my mom and dady told me.” I was brave because I just talked to them and they showed me.


“When my mom got a second baby I was scared to talk to him. So I just said, “Hi! my name is Madison.” So I was not scared.”


“When it was my first day of school I did not know any one. So I said to a person, “Hi! my name is Madison. Can I be you friend?” Then I wasn’t scared any more.” I was brave because I just spoke up to them and they spoke up to me.


“When I was at my mom’s school for movie night when girls for my mom’s class came to me and my brother I was scared to talk to them. So I was brave when I did talk to them.” I was brave because I just spoke up tot hem so that how it made my brave.


We were brave just like Franklin. When were you brave?



Madison and Marshall

Ancaster Meadow is the best school ever. We have  750 students in our holl entier school.

We have 50 staff in our holl school.    In our school we have uniforms. We have 30 computers in the computer lab.


In our class room we have a smart board. In our class room we have 2 iPads. In our class room we have 9 computers out in the pod.


In are class room we have 22 stutents. In our class room we have 4 ipod tuches. In our class room we have two black berries.


In our class room we have 4 tablets. In our class room we have 2 livskrives pens. In our class room we have 25 desks.


In our school we have 3 classes who teach JK and SK. In our school we have 4 classes who teach Grade 2. In our school we have 3 classes who teach Grade 1.


I took Flat Stanley to Maple Surup.That day was on Wednesday. I took him to see some Maple Surup. There was lots of Buckets on the Maple trees. I took him on a horse back ride.

I took Flat Stanley to Buffalo and Target. That day was on Thursday. It was a long drive to Buffalo and Target. My family went to a mall that we went to 1 time so this is our second time. We got myself some blue clothes. For the blue clothes I got blue flip flops,I got 1 pair of white capris and I got purple and blue tank tops.

When we got to Target I got myself some  blue clothes and purple on the blue clothes. I got myself a blue scurt,blue shorts,blue tantops with a little bit of purple.


We bought my brother somethings. We bought my brother a hat, a golf shurt, some shorts,and shurts.


On Friday I went to my Granmas. At my Granmas I thought of something. My thought was to get boxes and build a tower with boxes.



I hope you enjoyed my story of things that I took Flay Stanley to see on the March Break.



By Madison

Once upon a time their was a family who loved to rhyme. The girl loved to rhyme with the ending of an. So she stared with can, pan, sand, band, man,ran, fan, tan, land, hand.


The boy loved to rhyme with at words. He stared with cat, mat, sat,rat,fat. The baby loved to ryhme with ap. She stared with map, lap, sap, tap, rap, fap, hap.


The Mom loved to rhyme with the ending of lap. She stared with clap, slap. The dad loved to rhyme with the ending indow. He stared with window kindow  mindow.







Dear Miss Dunsiger,


Are we sposted  to bring for show and tell things that give us energy or things that use energy?