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Do you want to know how to play games then it’s your lucky day 🙂
how to play minecraft 🙂
1) down load minecraft
2) go into minecaft
3)prees lunch
4) It will say lunch failed then prees play offline
One game:)
How to play roblox 🙂
1) go to
2)then prees reigster
3)chose a boy or girl
4)it will want to make a name,pass word and user name
5)parents job get a parent to do there e-mail
two games 🙂
how to play runescape
1)go to
2)prees reigster
3) do the stuff that it tells you to do
4) make your age 11 or up don’t make it 10 or 9
5) go to play free now tree do the parents e-mail
6)do your pass word
7) prees enter
8) prees play now
three games 🙂


If a bug has 6 legs its a insect.
A red and black bug is a halloween bug.
Eggs are boring.
Butterflies can be cold.
Did you know adult butterflies go places hot?
If a butterfly gets touched they cant fly.
Do you know that a caterpillar has 6 legs and that means it’s a insect?
First a butterfly starts as a egg.
Then it hatches into a caterpillar.
After that it eats leves.
Then it climes a tree.
After that it turns into a chrysalis.
Then there’s a bit of wing coming out.
Finally the full butterfly comes out.
A monarch butterfly is black and has orange spots.
I know that a butterflies can lays eggs on milk weed.
Some catererpillars have spots.
A lot of butterflies fly in the day.
Moths fly at night.
A lot of butterflies can hear.
A butterfly  can fly from Ontario to Mexico.

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If the hour hand is pointing just at the top of the two and the minute hand is pointing at the six it’s 1:30 and I play at that time.

The minute hand is pointing at six and the hour hand is pointing right above the seven it’s 7:30. It’s when I finish basket ball.

I know if the minute hand is pointing at twelve and the hour is pointing right at the five it’s 5:00. It’s when I have dinner.

Once upon a time there was a man and an alien and the mans name was Anwar and the aliens name was Alexander. They were fighting for a long time.Then they became friends. One day they broke up and they started fighting again.Then both of them got something to fight.The man got a vehicle and a rocket larcker.The alien got a flying soser .But both of the mom’s said stop.Ok and they became friends again.

                                                                        The end

Wordle: nathan

Wordle: nathan

Dear world,

I use energy when I whoosh my hands.

I use energy when I take a shower.

I use energy when I whacth tv.

I use energy when I play on the computer.

I use energy when I play on my 3DDs.


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Dear world,

In fall you can rake the leves and jump in them.

In winter you can make a snow man.And make a snow angel.

In spring the flowers grow and it gets hotter.

In summer it is hot.And you can sun tan.



I celebrate christmas.I buy presents for my family.I like to play in the snow.I do not think santa is real.I like hot chocolate in winter.Rain dears can’t fly so I know santa is not real.