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I am going to tell you how to play gamestarmechanic.

First you tipe gamestarmechanic.

Then you make a user name and a password. Next you press the golden left top button.

After that you press the level that your on.

Finilly you you are done.

Where did you get all the information?

Why do you want to be a expert in bugs?

What is your favourite thing to learn about?

What kind of bugs are there?

What kind of bug is your favourite?

What are some bugs posines?

What plant attracts butterfly’s?

What are some bugs that eat butterflies?

Why are bugs cool?

Why do some butterflies have spots and some don’t?

How long do butterflies live?

How do you know that some butterflies are girl’s and some are boy’s?

Why are you good at scince?

What plant’s do butterflies like?

What bugs do you like the best?

How big dose a butter fly garden have to be?

How long tell a butter fly grows?

thank you for answering our questions.


A butterfly has a lot of colours on them, some dots too. A butterfly has a life cicle I will show it to you. First it starts off as an egg then it haches in three months. Then it is a caterpillar.  The caterpillar eats a lot of leaves. Next it goes in a chrysallis. After that he waits. Finally it’s a butterfly. That is the life cycle. What life cycle do you know?

I’m talking about community helpers. One community helper is a  farmer. A farmer dose a lot of

stuff I am going to tell you what they do. A farmer gives you milk and meat . A

farmer also has chickens for us to eat. Another community helper is a fire fighter. A fire fighter helps put out fire’s.

One place is Jacksonville and I have seen it but I have not been there ever.  I will show you how to get there. This is how you get here so you get a map or a globe and you find florida then you go to florida and on the way you will see Jacksonville. That is how you get there.



Tell me where some of the places that you now?

I went to my grandparent’s house and my ant came to with her baby. Then I bought a book at Chapter’s and I also played X -Box to. Me  and Flat stanley played lego and then I went to sleep.After 3 days my mom went with my grandparents and my ant to the park. Then I got my stuff and went home.Then I had a friend come over and I played with my walky talkys.Next I played with lego with my friends then they went home. Then my grandparents came over agin and I played minecraft then I played lego. Then they went home. I had a good adventure. I shere hope you did to. I hope yours was good. The end.



By Parker

On the weekend I played minecraft on the computer.  Then me and my brother’s were  playing with are lego. I also went to watched T.V.  and it was a lot of fun. I made a fort to. Then I had my lunch my brother also went to his friends house.It was a lot of fun.The next day I Made another fort. I did lots more. What did you do on your weekend

I think that Franklin is brave because he used his dad’s blanket and Beaver’s bear. This helped him to fall to sleep.

Questions and Connections

My connection is that once I lost my blanket and after a year we found it and then we gave it to my sister and my brother gave me his spider man blanket and he got a super man blanket.Just like Franklin I got use to it.

Tell me when you where brave.

On my weekend my brother got a lavalamp for his birthday. I also had some friends

come over to and I was playing with my walkey talkeys. My grandparents came over

and I was playing with my lego and there was a bee down stars.I also played on

the computer. Then I went out side to play and I found three snails and I kept them.